What The VIP List is:

  • Independent. The VIP List is a database that ranks living personalities on the basis of their perceived importance. It is not associated with any private or public entities and is completely independent.
  • Verifiable. A very small group works hard to keep The VIP List accurate and reliable so that it can be used as a reference for citing or as a yardstick for measuring social impact or accountability.
  • Neutral. The VIP List aims to be neutral not by including both good and bad information about a personality but by remaining objective and factual.

What The VIP List is not:

  • Wikipedia. The VIP List cannot be edited by readers and is not motivated by the aim of becoming an authority on information on the web.
  • Elitist. Contrary to what the name might suggest The VIP List is not a list of people who claim special privileges by the virtue of their social status, net worth or influence.
  • Free. There is a small processing fee for getting inducted into the List. To keep access to the information on the website free for all The VIP List actively seeks various sources of revenue.

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